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  Mission Statement  


Wilson County Schools and Wilson Community College envision the creation of a small, personalized learning community to ensure an environment of academic rigor that leads to higher learning and personal growth that will sustain students as they prepare to be productive 21st century citizens.


The Wilson Early College Academy, through shared leadership, will offer accelerated academics in both high school and college courses in small, learner-centered classes. Students will have equal access to highly challenging coursework and innovative learning experiences that tap into their passions and interests. Students will be afforded unique support to demonstrate genuine concern for the whole person. Academic, emotional, and social interventions will build integrity, self-confidence, and character in WECA students, which will ensure their ability to graduate from high school and college and become productive 21st century citizens.

  About The School  

What is Early College?

  • Wilson Early College Academy (WECA) is a Wilson County Public School located on the Wilson Community College campus.
  • WECA is an extension of the high school academies and a partnership between Wilson County Schools and Wilson Community College.
  • WECA students are enrolled in a five-year dual enrollment program which includes high school courses needed to meet North Carolina graduation requirements and college courses to meet requirements of an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, an Associate in Applied Science Degree, or college transferable credits.
  • WECA is neither an alternative school nor a charter school.
  • WECA students will be able to participate in clubs and activities, as there are no athletic, ROTC, or any other extra-curricular activities available at WECA.

What is the Application Process?

  • Complete WECA application and submit to your school counselor
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Submit your response to the writing prompt.
  • Submit report card for grades 7 and 8. Report cards must include EOG and EOC scores.

What is the Selection Process?

  • Grades will be reviewed to determine ability to succeed in college level coursework.
  • Standardized test scores and EOG/EOC test scores will be considered.
  • Attendance profile will be considered.
  • Discipline profile will be considered.
  • Complete personal interview with WECA admissions team.
  • First generation college students will be given priority.


WECA will operate from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day with additional opportunities for after school support services, tutoring and connecting to the outside world through experiences such as shadowing, internships or service learning.

WECA will operate on a unique calendar that is closely aligned with the Wilson Community College calendar.